NEDCO Business Advisory

Business advisory is a consultancy service specifically geared towards helping MSEs solve problems and grow their business. Every new and growing entrepreneur will need guidance, motivation, emotional support and practical solutions for common entrepreneurial dilemmas along their entrepreneurial journey. Our Business Advisors give advice and practical support to new businesses start­ ups and established businesses in an array of areas including, but not limited to, Business Plans, Marketing, Financial Management, Competitive Strategies, Goal Setting, Business Registration and Records  Management.

Each session is one (1) hour long. Clients can expect:

  • A. Individual attention with a knowledgeable advisor.
  • B. Suitable recommendations or action points to direct your business further.
  • C. Recommendations for follow-up sessions.
  • D. Referrals for NEDCO’s Training and Lending Services.

To book an appointment with a Business Advisor you can register via NEDCO’s website or email The price to book an advisory session is $100.00 and must be paid before your appointment is confirmed.

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