NEDCO Business Accelerator Programme

The Business Accelerator Programme is a 5-year initiative extending from the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). All tools in the Business Accelerator Programme are geared toward the practical development of a start-up, micro or small business. This programme integrates loan funding, training, advisory, mentorship, networking and other support services into comprehensive and customized business development packages for selected entrepreneurs. The Business Accelerator is structured to span a period of twelve (12) months with the possibility of six (6) additional months for an aggregate time of eighteen (18) months. This programme is conducted in partnership with other institutions. Applicants must be 18 years or older; a citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago and a past or current member of any of the Partner Institutions aligned to NEDCO. Participation in NEDCO’s BAP is free of charge to the participant. Interested persons with a business and/or a business idea, can apply for the NEDCO’s BAP through a partner institution. As a participant of NEDCO’s BAP you will have access to:

  • Business Development Training
  • Business Advisory and Mentorship
  • Industry specific training
  • Focus Group Analysis of products and services
  • Networking
  • Access to Loan Funding for seed and growth capital
  • Access to product development and technical facilities
  • Access to commercialization of innovative products

All applications must undergo an evaluation interview by NEDCO. Successful applicants will be contacted via a NEDCO representative. Once accepted, full participation is required by attending meetings, training, advisory and networking sessions. Participants are expected to apply the training, advice and other support tools to their businesses.

Other Services