The SME Market was introduced in 2012, aligned with the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange’s (TTSE) vision to further develop the local capital market and promote economic diversification.  With the creation of this tier, small and medium-sized companies are afforded the opportunity to raise capital on the domestic stock market and the SME Market serves to provide an alternative financing source for capital expansion.

The TTSE SME Market targets all SME owners and entrepreneurs who meet the eligibility criteria to list on the Exchange. 


  1. Tax Incentives: 10-year Tax Incentive can be used to strengthen the Balance Sheet
  2. A full tax holiday for the first five years from listing on the TTSE (exemption from the payment of Corporation Tax, Business Levy and Green Fund Levy)
  3. A fifty percent (50%) reduction in taxes for the second five-year period (Corporation Tax, Business Levy and Green Fund Levy)
  4. Access to Equity Financing; no obligation to pay debt; no collateral requirements
  5. Increased Brand Visibility, Enhanced Reputation, and Transparency of the Business
  6. Price Discovery: Establishes a market value and eliminates the uncertainty for determining share value
  7. ESOP Incentives: Shares can be offered as performance incentive to employees
  8. Raising Capital:
  9. Ability to raise funds through Additional Public Offering (APO)

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