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  1. +TTSE SME Market Mentorship Programme

    The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE) SME Market Mentorship Programme is designed to provide potential issuers through a comprehensive programme that covers the key themes necessary to position a company to list on the TTSE. Industry professionals, who strategically develop their competencies, mentoring directly and contributing to the companies’ growth, innovation, and overall strategy, administer the Programme. It is geared to improve customer and investor confidence in the listed companies. The SME Market Mentorship Programme demonstrates the willingness of the TTSE to invest the time and resources necessary to assist companies to operate in an efficient manner on the stock market.

    As part of its SME Market, the TTSE’s Mentorship Programme aims to provide SMEs with the guidance required to successfully transition and grow its business, whilst practicing good corporate governance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is a Mentor appointed?

    A Mentor is appointed by the SME to perform the functions and responsibilities of a Mentor in accordance with the TTSE SME Mentorship Rules having entered into an appropriate Mentorship Agreement with the SME. An Appointed Mentor must be an Approved Mentor.

    Who can serve as a Mentor?

    At a minimum, a Mentor must:

    • Hold a valid Fit and Proper Certificate or Letter of No Objection issued by a local or foreign financial regulator; or
    • Assessed as Fit and Proper by the TTSE.

    Further details are outlined in the TTSE SME Market Rules.

    How can the TTSE Mentorship programme help SMEs?

    The TTSE SME Mentorship programme is an initiative that aims to strengthen the SME’s capacity to operate within general industry standards with respect to corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure of material information. A Mentor can:

    • Assist SMEs in entering the stock market;
    • Diagnose gaps in compliance and corporate governance within the SME; and
    • Review and enhance the governance and reporting structure to assist SMEs in operating as a public company.

    Further information on the TTSE Mentorship programme can be obtained from the TTSE website

    Where can I obtain a list of Approved Mentors?

    A list of the Approved TTSE Mentors can be obtained on the TTSE’s website.

    For further information, please visit the TTSE SME Market Mentorship Programme website: : 

    TTSE SME Mentorship Form

    Or contact TTSE via e-mail at

  2. +THA Strategic Business Support and Development Unit Consultation

    Consultation – aimed at providing guidance and support for establishment of new ventures and support and growth of existing ventures.

    Discussions and support of SMEs at varying levels toward identifying and taking advantage of potential opportunities that may arise.

  3. +NEDCO Entrepreneurial Development Packages

    NEDCO also offers Entrepreneurial Development Promotions. There are Entrepreneurial Development Packages which include both training and advisory services and access to webinars at a discounted rate. The combination of both support services has proven to assist our clients who are in the idea phase through to the practical start of their businesses. Loan Packages and specials are offered periodically for the boosting of operational small businesses, remodeling, relocations, technology upgrades and equipment upgrades.

  4. +NEDCO Business Advisory Focus Group Sessions

    The Focus Group session is a working advisory session. The understanding is that persons in similar industries may need the same type of support as practically as possible. Different industry or common interest groups of five (5) persons to twenty-five (25) persons can access specialized tailored learning and problem­ solving sessions. Focus Group sessions are interactive wherein key business-related topics, tips, tools, and techniques relevant to the specified industry are explored in a relaxed learning environment.

  5. +NEDCO Business Advisory

    Business advisory is a consultancy service specifically geared towards helping MSEs solve problems and grow their business. Every new and growing entrepreneur will need guidance, motivation, emotional support and practical solutions for common entrepreneurial dilemmas along their entrepreneurial journey. Our Business Advisors give advice and practical support to new businesses start­ ups and established businesses in an array of areas including, but not limited to, Business Plans, Marketing, Financial Management, Competitive Strategies, Goal Setting, Business Registration and Records  Management.

    Each session is one (1) hour long. Clients can expect:

    • A. Individual attention with a knowledgeable advisor.
    • B. Suitable recommendations or action points to direct your business further.
    • C. Recommendations for follow-up sessions.
    • D. Referrals for NEDCO’s Training and Lending Services.

    To book an appointment with a Business Advisor you can register via NEDCO’s website or email The price to book an advisory session is $100.00 and must be paid before your appointment is confirmed.