Support Services

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  1. +ExporTT Exporter Training Programmes

    This function involves planning and coordinating the execution of relevant training Programmes which build the capacity of exporters to increase export competitiveness, develop new exporters and increases access to new markets. ExporTT’s Training Unit focuses on building the capacity of Trinidad and Tobago Exporters to master the essentials of an effective export strategy.

  2. +THA Strategic Business Support and Development Unit Training

    Training – aimed at equipping MSMEs with the tools for sustainable development.

    Hosting or facilitating training workshops and webinars in relevant topics

  3. +THA Business Development Unit Pre-Funding Training

    Prior to funds being received from either the loan or grant Programmes, all clients must under-go training in basic bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and the statutory obligations.

  4. +NEDCO Entrepreneurial Development Packages

    NEDCO also offers Entrepreneurial Development Promotions. There are Entrepreneurial Development Packages which include both training and advisory services and access to webinars at a discounted rate. The combination of both support services has proven to assist our clients who are in the idea phase through to the practical start of their businesses. Loan Packages and specials are offered periodically for the boosting of operational small businesses, remodeling, relocations, technology upgrades and equipment upgrades.

  5. +NEDCO Webinars & Public Education Sessions

    NEDCO offers a free Webinar series and Public Education sessions for potential, new and growing micro and small businesses. Each month we host an information-packed webinar on key and current business topics. Our webinars are interactive hour-long virtual training sessions. Coupled with our webinars, NEDCO's Public Education Sessions are geared to introduce youths, communities and groups to the entrepreneurial landscape and small business ownership as a viable option for sustainable income. The main focus of these presentations is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

  6. +NEDCO ILO Start and Improve Your Business Programme

    NEDCO,  in  collaboration  with  the ILO, offers  one  of  the  largest  global  business management   training   Programmes.   The strategic  focus  of  this  programme   is  to assist   small-scale   entrepreneurs   to  start and    grow    their    businesses    and    by extension   create  improved   employment. SIYB   is   an   adaptable   and   simplistic programme  that  can  be  efficiently  rolled out  to  a  large  number  of  entrepreneurs. This  training  mechanism  also  allows  an Entrepreneurial   Trainee  to  be  supported through   the   growth   phases.   Being   all­ encompassing  an  entrepreneurial  trainee can  obtain  training  and  support  from  the generation  of  the  business  idea,  start-ups including   initial   and   periodic   business planning  of the idea, building of the start­ up   after  the   1st  year  of  operation  and expansion of the business  and scale-up of operations.