Support Services

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  1. +NEDCO Loan Client After Care Support

    NEDCO's Loan Client After-care support aims to provide developmental support for branch clients after the loans have been disbursed. This support service seeks to build on the client's management and business development skills to aid in improving their chances for success. The aftercare support service is designed for clients who have expressed a desire for one-on-one assistance with business operations or management, are dealing with financial management issues, or are new (start-up) or young entrepreneurs with little or no experience in the business.

  2. +NEDCO Pre & Post Loan Assessment

    NEDCO's pre-assessment is centered on the entrepreneur's management capabilities, financial strength, support network, operations and marketing potential. A review of the existing conditions to determine the prospective client's stage of readiness for financing. Whatever stage the clients are at, NEDCO offers support to help develop their business knowledge and operations. Obtaining a loan from NEDCO also includes after-sale services whereby clients are monitored and assistance is offered for their development and growth. A review of the business' operations post loan disbursement has proven to be a great tool for building sustainable MSEs.

  3. +NEDCO Business Needs Assessment

    Needs assessments are conducted especially for businesses facing a new issue like adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic. NEDCO can employ a needs assessment to identify gaps in the business operations or management systems. Our value-added support services will guide the entrepreneur through the identified problems in a cost-effective and extremely helpful manner.

    To access a business needs assessment, interested persons can contact a Business Advisor or email